Bluhopper: Story & Mission - in a nut shell



Most members of our team were either born or grew up in the countries now referred to as “developing markets;” a step up from third world I guess. But the reality is, these markets are really an after thought for major e-commerce players. As customers, we find ourselves trying to fit their services around our way of life just to get our hands on quality products and more choices. Wait! shouldn't it be the other way around? Meaning, that they should value us enough to offer solutions to suit our unique circumstances? is the brainchild of a team with over 25 years combined startup, business, sales and marketing experience spanning multiple continents. As avid travelers and online shoppers ourselves, we know that consumers want what they want, when they want it - regardless of where they live on the planet.

So for us this is not merely a business opportunity, it is a way of life; in essence we are building a company around the way we live everyday! "We want unrestricted access to quality and affordable products sold anywhere around the globe, we want to pay for it easily and have it delivered to our home without losing any sleep to get it done."

But also importantly, we are seeking to democratize opportunity for local businesses and entrepreneurs by giving them the tools needed to compete in the global economy.

So, we are bringing together international and local brands and services to a single location online — and created a destination that connects shoppers with the products they want conveniently and securely.

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